eSeminar – Fueling T cells in Immunity and Cancer

14. 12. 2017

T cells perform critical roles to promote or suppress immunity and inflammation. To perform these functions, inflammatory effector T cells (Teff) undergo metabolic reprogramming upon activation to increase glycolysis and anabolic metabolism. In contrast, suppressive regulatory T cells (Treg) are metabolically heterogeneous and balance the use of glycolysis with mitochondrial oxidative metabolism. These metabolic programs are highly regulated and exert strong influences on T cell function and fate. This talk will discuss the distinct metabolic programs of T cell subsets and how these programs influence Teff and Treg function in inflammatory disease and in the tumor setting.
In this webinar we will discuss:
T cell metabolic reprogramming and the distinct metabolic programs of T cell subsets
Metabolic requirements for T cell function
Metabolic vulnerabilities of T cells in inflammatory diseases and in tumors

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