eSeminar: Quantitative analysis of neutrophil activation using Agilent Seahorse XF technology

28. 3. 2018

Neutrophils produce anti-microbial reactive oxygen species (ROS) as a part of their role in innate immunity. To generate this ROS, neutrophils dramatically increase NADPH oxidase activity which requires the consumption of oxygen. In this webinar we will discuss quantifying neutrophil activation in real time using an Agilent Seahorse XF analyzer. In addition to a validated protocol for quantifying neutrophil activation, examples of how this application can be used to examine activation kinetics will be discussed.
In this webinar we will discuss:
The benefits of measuring neutrophil activation using the XF analyzer
How to quantify O2 consumption as a direct measure of neutrophil activation
Where to find additional information about immune cell activation

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