Komplet StarLab pipet (-35%)

30. 9. 2017

Choose now your own ErgoOne® Starter
Kit and benefit from our special offer!
Use the ErgoOne® pipettes with our TipOne®
tips and you have additional benefits, the optimal
tip fit and the reduced loading and ejection forces make you daily
work more secure and ergonomic. For more details please visit our
website www.starlabgroup.com. For free samples of TipOne® tips,
please ask your STARLAB distributor.
It is designed to fit all popular pipette tips without any
loss of accuracy and precision!
Day in, day out you are confronted with multiple tasks in the
laboratory and you must rely on your pipette. Lightweight and
extremely easy to use, ErgoOne® can be trusted to provide
accurate and precise pipetting all day, every day.
Just stick the self-adhesive shelf holder on your shelf and the
pipette is ready for you. The 4-digits volume display positioned
so it is visible during pipetting whether you are right or left handed.
The volume lock makes sure that the volume cannot be changed
by inattention. Reliability is key in the laboratory and your
pipette must be trusted to perform well!

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