A Discovery Proteomics Workflow for the Elucidation of Prostate Cancer Biomarkers

In biological systems, the host microenvironment is profoundly altered during
tumor growth, and this includes becoming hypoxic due to insufficient blood supply.
The hypoxic microenvironment correlates with increased tumor aggressiveness,
invasiveness, and resistance to clearance [1]. In addition to other effects, the
deprivation of molecular oxygen under hypoxic conditions may modulate the tumor
cell proteome, leading to alterations in cell proliferation, and dynamics of the cell
cycle [2]. Given the importance of androgen-regulated proteins, it is anticipated
that further characterization of the role of hypoxia and androgen sensitivity
may provide further insight into the mechanisms that drive aggressive, cellular
hypertrophy/tumor growth [3].
This application note specifically demonstrates the LC/MS-based discovery portion
of a clinical research workflow to comprehensively compare the proteome of
androgen-independent and androgen-sensitive cell lines under both hypoxic and
normoxic conditions, to identify potential protein biomarkers that may be indicative
of important changes within the cellular microenvironment that drive abnormal
cellular growth.

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