Agilent 6890N Series GC out of Guaranteed Support

6890N Gas Chromatograph – Obsolescence Planning
Dear Valued Customer,
On 31st December 2017 Agilent Technologies will end guaranteed support of the 6890N Gas Chromatograph.
This means no new stock of spare parts will be manufactured or sourced by Agilent.
Agilent contractually agrees to support any product fully for 7 years after the manufacture of the last instrument. However, as part of our value promise we often go beyond that and as a result we are now 10 years since the obsolescence and end of production of the 6890 series GC.
We at Agilent fully understand the GC you have in your lab may be business critical and a system you rely upon for results the 6890’s reputation for reliability is widely accepted. While a stock of spare parts is available Agilent would like to give you time plan the instrument’s replacement in advance and make an informed decision.
You have options:
• Continue to use the 6890 until with the supply of spares that is available
• Replace with a new instrument;
o The full portfolio of Agilent GC’s has never been more exciting, from the 7820 mid-range GC to the “gold-standard” 7890B with its leadership in flexibility and performance, and the transformational new Intuvo 9000 GC system with innovative guard-chip, ferrule free connections and environmentally friendly low-power consumption – direct column heating technology.
If you would like to discuss the path forward in your replacement planning, please contact your local Agilent team. They can help you make the decision that’s right for you, your business and your customers. The increased capability and up-time of a new GC with lower running costs could make the decision painless.
With over 50 years of innovation & leadership in Gas Chromatography you can rely on Agilent as you rely on your 6890 GC.

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