Agilent DAKO Katalog za patologijo

Agilent is committed to the fight against cancer. Leveraging our tremendous strength
within pathology, genomics and companion diagnostics enables us to serve you, our
pathology customers, with a full breadth of workflow solutions for routine diagnostics. At
the same time, we are in a unique position to accelerate the adoption of new
groundbreaking technologies from a research into a clinical setting. These new solutions
further address critical issues in bringing robust and timely diagnosis to patients.
We want to be your dedicated partner that can offer a broad product portfolio of products
and the promise of exciting new technologies, with an ever-increasing ability to provide
you with solutions that positively affect patient diagnosis and ultimately patient treatment.
We are committed to meet your lab’s needs, both today and tomorrow.
It is this ability to drive innovation and implement game-changing technologies into a
diagnostic setting which makes us truly unique. And as we continually develop new and
compliant solutions, collaborating with key pathology labs, our pharma partners and
leading academic institutions from around the world, we will work together with you to
continue to develop technologies which will advance the diagnosis and treatment of
We are here for you and your laboratory, and will continue to do our best to be first choice
as a laboratory partner in clinical research and diagnostics, so that together we can
provide patients with trusted answers.
186 Standard Nucleic Acid Detection System
186 PNA Probes and Detection System
187 ISH Ancillaries and Accessories
H&E Solution
190 Introduction
191 Dako CoverStainer
192 Coverslipper for Glass Slides
192 Ancillaries and Accessories
Special Stains Solution
196 Introduction
197 Artisan Link Pro Special Staining System
199 Artisan Accessories
200 Artisan Link and Link Pro Special Stains
202 Artisan Special Stains
Dako Acadmy
208 Introduction
209 Training
214 Literature
215 e-Learning
216 Events
Service and Support
218 Introduction
219 Deployment Services
220 Instrument Services
221 Application and Technical Support
222 Instrument Service Agreements
General Product Information
224 Monoclonal Antibodies
224 Polyclonal Antibodies
225 Biotinylated Antibodies
225 Alkaline Phosphatase-Conjugated Antibodies
226 Peroxidase-Conjugated Antibodies
227 Fluorescein-Conjugated Antibodies for Tissue Staining
228 Rhodamine-Conjugated Antibodies for Tissue Staining
230 Alphabetical Index
249 Synonym List
252 Antibody Clone Index
254 Product Code System
255 Product Code Index
272 Agilent Sales Offices and Distributors
New Products and Product Highlights
6 New Products and Product Highlights
Dako Lab Control Solutions
14 Experience a new level of lab control and insight
Advanced Staining Solutions
18 Introduction
20 Dako Omnis Solution for IHC and ISH
21 Dako Omnis
23 IHC Ancillaries and Accessories
24 ISH Ancillaries and Accessories
25 pharmDx Kit
26 Primary Antibodies (FLEX Ready-to-Use)
33 Negative Controls (FLEX Ready-to-Use)
34 Visualization Systems (EnVision FLEX)
35 Autostainer Link Solution for IHC
36 Autostainer Link 48
37 Ancillaries and Accessories
38 PT Link, Instrument and Accessories
39 pharmDx Kits
40 Primary Antibodies (FLEX Ready-to-Use)
53 Negative Controls FLEX Ready-to-Use
53 Visualization Systems (EnVision FLEX)
54 Optional Reagents (EnVision FLEX)
54 Doublestaining System (EnVision DuoFLEX)
55 Autostainer Plus for IHC
55 Ancillaries and Accessories
56 pharmDx Kits (Dako Autostainer)
57 Primary Antibodies (FLEX Ready-to-Use)
60 Negative Controls (FLEX Ready-to-Use)
60 Visualization Systems (EnVision FLEX)
61 Optional Reagents (EnVision FLEX)
62 Visualization Systems
63 Antibodies and Controls
64 Overview of FLEX Ready-to-Use Antibodies
74 Primary Antibodies
119 Antibody Cocktails
121 Multipurpose Antibodies
123 Secondary Antibodies
125 Control Reagents
126 Visualization Systems
127 Overview of Dako Visualization Systems
128 Overview of EnVision FLEX and FLEX+ Visualization Systems
130 EnVision FLEX Systems
132 EnVision FLEX Single Reagents
134 EnVision DuoFLEX System
135 EnVision Systems
136 Other Visualization Systems
137 Ancillaries for IHC
137 Chromogenic Substrates
137 Blocking Reagents, Buffers, Diluents
138 Counterstains
139 Mounting Media
139 Proteolytic Enzymes
139 Dako Pen, Slides and Pascal Quality Strips
140 Labeling Systems
140 Label Printers
141 Slide Labels
pharmDx Solution
145 Introduction
148 EGFR pharmDx Kits
150 ER/PR pharmDx Kits
152 HercepTest Kits
156 HER2 pharmDx Kits
160 TOP2A IQFISH pharmDx Kit
Molecular Pathology
163 Introduction
164 Hybridizer Instrument
165 FISH Kits
165 Overview of Dako FISH Kits
166 Dako DuoCISH Kit
167 HER2 pharmDx Kits
172 Telomere PNA FISH Kits
173 FISH Probes
180 FISH DNA/PNA Probe Mix
181 IQFISH Panel for Lung Cancer
183 SureFISH ALK/RET/ROS1 Probes
184 Labeled Probes and Detection Systems
184 Human Papillomavirus DNA Probes
185 GenPoint Amplified Signal Detection System

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