Agilent DAKO Katalog za pretočno citometrijo

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This catalog presents the Dako-branded portfolio of flow cytometry products including antibodies against many different biomarkers in a variety of conjugates. Also included are our widely recognized polyclonal kappa and lambda light chain products. We look forward to establishing new cooperation and thank our present customers for their continued partnership Single-Color Reagents 18 Dual-Color Reagents 26 Triple-Color Reagents 27 FITC/RPE/APC Reagent Line 27 FITC/RPE/RPE-Cy5 Reagent Line 31 Isotype and Control Reagents 32 Single-Color Mouse Isotype Reagents 32 Single-Color Rabbit Ig Reagents 32 Dual-Color Mouse Isotype/Rabbit Ig Reagents 32 Triple-Color Mouse Isotype/Rabbit Ig Reagents 33 Unconjugated Control Reagents 33 Secondary Antibody Conjugates 34 Ancillary for Flow Cytometry 34 Kits and Accessories 35 Calibration Beads 35 Enumeration of Stem Cells 35 Lysing, Fixation and Permeabilization Reagents 36 Quantitative Analysis 36 Telomere PNA Kit

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