Agilent Fragment Analyzers (Research Citation Collection)

See How Easy Sample Quality Control Can Be Your nucleic acid samples are the foundation of your experiment—so make sure they’re reliable. Agilent Fragment Analyzer instruments provide a comprehensive, objective assessment of your nucleic acid quantity, quality, and integrity that can be quickly and seamlessly integrated into any workflow. Knowing the quality of your samples prior to downstream analysis means you’ll repeat less work and gain the ability to optimize your workflows. With the Fragment Analyzer systems, you will also benefit from incorporating automation into your sample QC workflow. The result is better workflow efficiency so you can spend time on the results that matter. In this compendium, we’ve provided eight peer-reviewed publications to illustrate the utility and versatility of the Fragment Analyzer systems in areas such as human disease research, agricultural genomics, conservation biology, and more. See how researchers working in these key application areas were able to easily incorporate sample QC steps into their workflows for cfDNA analysis, mitochondrial DNA research, RNA sequencing, and beyond! Za odpiranje dokumenta
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