Agilent GC Method Translation Software

The Agilent method translation programs allow you to port a current GC method to another while ensuring that relative retention order is maintained, that is, peaks elute in the same order. If you are thinking of speeding up an analysis or are simply changing detectors (for example, from an FID to an MSD), use the method translator to yield a perfectly scaled version of the original. Rapidly predict required head pressures, oven temperature program rates, and relative run times.
You should use method translation software whenever you change carrier gas type, column dimensions, phase ratio (film thickness), column outlet pressure, or carrier gas flow rate. The main assumptions are that you are not changing stationary phase chemistry and that the elution order on your current method is satisfactory.
Agilent offer you two configurations:
• Windows 7 Compatible Software
• Windows 3.1 Compatible Software
The table below details regarding system requirements for each package.

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