Agilent ICP-MS Journal

Are you interested in trace metals analysis and keen to keep up-to-date with the latest developments in the field of ICP-MS? Then take a closer look at Agilent’s dedicated ICP-MS Journal. Published four times a year since 1998, the newsletter is a great source of information on all aspects relating to ICP-MS. The Journal content — written by ICP-MS experts, spotlights:
The latest news about new product and software innovations
Detailed articles on application and technical developments
User-contributed articles focussed on real-world labs and applications
Practical tips on instrument operation, software, consumables, support, and upgrades
Regular features on the back page include details of new literature relating to Agilent’s ICP-MS systems and accessories, plus news of upcoming events including seminar tours, webinars, and important conferences.
Stay informed on the latest Agilent ICP-MS developments with the ICP-MS Journal – the only ICP-MS newsletter regularly published by a manufacturer. By subscribing, you will receive a pdf copy of the ICP-MS Journal directly to your in-box.

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