Agilent Seahorse XF Live-Cell Metabolism Solutions for Immunology Research

Direct the immune system by modulating the metabolic
pathways that regulate cell fate and function
Agilent Seahorse XF assays reveal an early window into the upstream drivers of immune responses
Immune cells are highly integrated, relying on a cascade of signaling, networks, and checkpoints to regulate cellular
processes. Conventional analytical approaches such as immunophenotyping, cytokine assays, and pathway profiling provide
a comprehensive view of immune cell fate and function after the immune cell is committed to a particular outcome. However,
pathway intervention and modulation to control immune cell function requires an understanding of upstream drivers of
immune cell processes. Metabolic programs are upstream determinants of immune cell outcomes.
Agilent Seahorse XF technology provides kinetic, functional metabolic measurements for a more direct measure of immune
cell processes as they are happening, in real time. To fully understand and control the dynamic nature of immune cell biology,
real-time activation analysis is needed to open an early window and provide an opportunity to intervene. Metabolic analysis not
only delivers real-time activation kinetics but provides a rich set of pathway targets to modulate immune cell biology
Generate time-resolved, real-time functional data
The Agilent Seahorse XF platform provides real-time monitoring of energy metabolism
for insight into the immediate-to-early functions of immune cells, and a more complete
understanding of immune cell biology.
Agilent Seahorse XF Cell Analysis solutions for
immunology research
Immunology researchers are using Agilent XF cell
analysis technology to investigate:
– Immune cell life cycle, lineage, and checkpoints
– Real-time activation
– Metabolic requirements and fuels
– Metabolic signaling and pathways
– Modulation to control outcome
Agilent XF Cell Analysis features:
– Live cell
– Real-time kinetics
– Label-free
– Dynamic injection ports
– Simultaneous measurement of oxygen
consumption and glycolytic rates
– An early window into activation
– Quantitative glycolytic and ATP production rates

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