Plan to optimize
Through the years, you’ve trusted Agilent Technologies to provide
the instrumentation, supplies, and support needed to keep your lab
running at peak performance. As each of your instruments reach the
end of its useful life and as technology applications evolve, you can
continue looking to Agilent to maximize the longevity of your initial
investment. Let Agilent help ensure that your lab is always running
at its highest level of efficiency and productivity. Plan to optimize
your assets with our timely and cost-effective transition solutions.
Promising 10 years of value
The Agilent Value Promise reflects
utmost confidence in our unrivaled
industry standards for quality
system design and manufacturing.
From the date you purchase
select instruments from our
leading Agilent chromatography,
spectrometry, and spectroscopy
product lines, our Value Promise guarantees at least 10 years’ use
or residual-value credit towards a replacement model upgrade.
Because we stand behind our systems, our Value Promise maximizes
your return on investment by assuring your purchase is safe.
Plan a smooth transition
Long before your instrument’s end-of-production date, Agilent is
helping you smoothly transition by taking full advantage of our fixed cost,
multi-year support agreements for continuous support, service,
and supplies, and by planning to move to the latest technology.
With our wide variety of cost-effective program options, we work
to meet your specific support and system requirements throughout
each lifecycle. During current production, you can rely on Agilent’s
highly-rated support to maximize your assets. When your system
reaches its end-of-production date you can expect uninterrupted
support and parts, as well as a clear and strategic path to the most
cost-effective transition options for optimal performance. All the
while, our 10-year Value Promise stays in force to ensure your lab
gets the most for its budget.

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