Analytical Determination of Drugs in Serum Using the Ultivo Triple Quadrupole LC/MS

This Application Note demonstrates a sensitive and precise method for analyzing
eight drugs in serum on the Agilent Ultivo triple quadrupole LC/MS system. Ultivo
was designed to save laboratory space, while maintaining the performance required
for high-throughput analyses. Drug discovery in the small molecule space is an
important field, and requires robust and reliable detection solutions to suit the
needs of the field. The Ultivo LC/TQ delivers this in the smallest triple quadrupole
mass spectrometer footprint on the market, and surpasses limits of competitor
instruments over three times its size. Excellent method precision was achieved
on the Ultivo system, with relative standard deviations (RSD%) of <10 % at the lowest level of quantitation. Little to no sample prep is require for the Ultivo triple quadrupole to achieve sensitive and precise detection of drugs.

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