eSeminar: Assuring Regulatory Compliance in Cannabis Testing: GC/MS/MS Analysis of the “Fast-5” Pesticides and What’s New in the World of GC/MS Testing

30. 1. 2020

In Canada and states of the U.S.A. where medicinal or recreational cannabis programs have been legalized, compliance with localized regulatory quality and safety testing requires a suite of analytical tools. Ensuring residual pesticide levels in cannabis plant or cannabinoid products do not exceed defined upper limits is arguably the most difficult of the required assays. In the U.S. and Canada, most of the pesticides in the regulatory lists are tested using liquid chromatography/tandem quadrupole mass spectrometry (LC/MS/MS). However, many of the target pesticide lists include compounds not amenable to electrospray ionization (ESI), most commonly used in LC/MS/MS applications. In this case, gas chromatography/tandem quadrupole mass spectrometry (GC/MS/MS) using electron ionization (EI) is required. This presentation will discuss the rationale for GC/MS/MS use in cannabis regulatory testing and describe a novel method for the analysis of five pesticides that do not respond well to ESI. The methodology is designed to partner with LC/MS/MS to provide a fast, complete, robust, and reproducible workflow from sample preparation through final reporting. We will also present new analyses “on-tap” at Agilent for terpenes and residual solvents in cannabis and cannabinoid products using GC/MS techniques. Key Learning Objectives: How a single-stream sample preparation amenable to both LC/MS/MS and GC/MS/MS improves the robustness and increases productivity for the analysis of residual pesticides in cannabis matrix Why GC/MS/MS is also required for the analysis of certain pesticides in Canada and certain states of the U.S.A. The latest analytical approaches for the analysis of terpenes and residual solvents in cannabinoid products Who Should Attend: Cannabis laboratorians and personnel engaged in regulatory testing of cannabis and cannabinoid products For questions please contact Kristen Moore: Agilent products and solutions are intended to be used for cannabis quality control and safety testing in laboratories where such use is permitted under state/country law. Speakers Anthony Macherone, Ph.D. Anthony Macherone, Ph.D. Sr. Scientist & Strategic Program Manager, Agilent Technologies, Inc. Visiting Professor, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine Dr. Macherone is currently a Senior Scientist & Strategic Program Manager with Agilent Technologies, and a Visiting Professor at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. He is an expert in exposomics and actively engaged in several publicly or privately funded exposomics investigations. For the past several years, Anthony has also been leading a team of Agilent applications experts for the development and deployment of analytical testing methodologies to assure quality and safety of cannabis products.

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