Best practices when working with Agilent HPLC system

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Best Practices
• Use clean borosilicate bottles only
• Prepare solvent volume to be used up within 1 – 2 days
• Use only HPLC- grade or better solvents filtered through 0.2 µm filters
• Label bottles correctly
• Reduce risk of exposure to direct sun light by using brown bottles
Powering up the pump:
• Use fresh solvents and solvent bottles
• Inspect solvent bottles and inlet filters for damages or coloring
• Check function and settings of the seal wash
Preparing the pump:
• Purge the pump to remove old solvent, salt deposits or particulate
• Condition the system with appropriate conditioning method
Daily tasks:
• Replace water based mobile phases daily
• Replace organic mobile phases every 2nd day
• Check seal wash solvent
• Use the Conditioning function with composition of your application
Weekly tasks:
• Change seal wash solvent and bottle
• Inspect solvent filters
• Flush all channels to remove salt deposits and particulate matter
• Check system backpressure and change filters if necessary
Pump shut-down:
• Flush all channels to remove salt deposits and particulate matter
• Flush the system with appropriate storage solvent
• Power down the system
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1290 Infinity Pump Quick Reference Sheet
Seal Wash (usage mandatory when installed)
Benefits of Seal Wash Operation:
• Removal of particles and salt crystals, which might potentially damage
the seals
• Lubrication of seal/piston interface
• Cooling of pistons
Seal Wash Operation:
• PERIODIC operation, e.g. 0.5 min every 7 min
• Use 10 % 2- Propanol in water (100 % 2- Propanol for normal phase
• Position wash solvent bottle above and waste bottle below instrument
• Exchange solvent weekly. Do not recycle seal wash solvent
• Test Peristaltic Pump
Seal Wash Dialog in OpenLab Software (1290 Infinity Pumps only):
• Seal Wash settings are NO method parameters
• Find dialog under CONTROL
• On ERROR – seal wash is switched off
• At Power Off – seal wash is switched off
Seal Wash in 1290 Infinity II Pumps:
• PERIODIC operation for 0.5 min every 7 min when pump is switched on
• Controlled by the seal wash sensor
• Guided out to the waste on the right side

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