Chiral Technologies Global Application Center (GENERIC PHARMACEUTICALS)

Chiral Technologies’ stationary phases are applied to enantioseparations of a great variety of chiral compounds
An increasing number of generic chiral pharmaceuticals are being developed by companies across the world. To keep pace with this increase in the marketplace, analytical chemists (who develop enantiomeric separation methods to ensure the quality of chiral generic drugs) are often faced with many questions and concerns.
Will my existing column set be sufficient to support the requirements for developing new analytical methods?
Do I need to add more chiral columns to the existing column set?
Is a vendor-provided analytical method reproducible?
If the analytical method is not reproducible, how can I develop a reproducible method?
Daicel has been assisting generic pharmaceutical companies with the development of enantiomeric separations for several years. To utilize Daicel’s extensive experience in developing chiral analytical methods, we have formed a Global Application Center (Generic Pharmaceuticals) at Daicel Chiral Technologies India. This resource is now available to support all generic pharmaceutical manufacturers.
Our support program includes:
Searchable Index For Generic Drug Applications
Pharmacopeia Method Verifications
Chiral HPLC Method Development For Analyses Of Generic Drugs
Chiral LC/MS-Compatible Method Development For Generic Drugs
The Global Application Center has developed numerous chiral methods for generic drugs and lists them for you in a searchable database.
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