Dako Omnis workflow: Lab Achieves 74% Increase in Same-Day Patient Case Completion

Improved patient case management through an optimized staining workflow Accurate and timely results are at the center of patient care Pathology services are an essential part of patient case diagnosis, particularly in cancer diagnostics and precision medicine. As modern medicine continues to become more complex with many possible treatment options, so has the pathologist’s testing arsenal increased in both number of markers and different technologies. The accurate and timely results of the diagnostic tests are at the center of cancer patient care. Designed to handle patient cases The Dako Omnis solution is designed with patient case management in focus. The solution can process both immunohistochemistry and in situ hybridization assays, even simultaneously. The philosophy behind the design is to process entire patient cases the same day the test requests are received. To achieve this, the engineers who designed Dako Omnis created a huge reagent storage compartment with 60 temperaturecontrolled reagent positions, leaving up to 50 positions for specific antibodies or ISH probes together with the ~10 visualization system reagents. This high capacity enables many test panels to be ready onboard the instrument so entire patient cases can be started quickly, without having to shuffle antibodies or split cases between instruments. Racks on Dako Omnis can also be loaded continuously. This means that patient cases with two or more racks can be loaded right after one another so they are completed at about the same time, depending on protocol times.

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