eRevija: Peak Talks (APR 2020)

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Safeguarding Your Lab Gas Supply One of Peak’s field service engineers, Jim Warren, shares with The Analytical Scientist what sets Peak apart from the competition and why the service Peak provides needs to be “the best in the business”. At Peak we see your gas generator as the beating heart of your lab, enabling your analytical instruments to perform and achieve the results you need. 4 minute read » Nitrogen compressor technology Nitrogen compressor technology enables the separation of N2 gas from air. Discover how compressor-based nitrogen generators from Peak work. 3 minute read » Laser ablation Laser ablation is becoming a popular method for direct solid sampling and when coupled with ICP-MS (LA-ICP-MS) nitrogen gas plays a crucial role. 4 minute read » Lab gas price bulletin With the continuing helium shortage and increased pressure on supply chains due to Covid-19, gas generators are a reliable alternative to cylinders. 2 minute read » Covid-19 statement In the light of the current Covid-19 crisis, Peak Scientific remains confident in our ability to deliver exceptional service to all of our customers around the globe. 1 minute read » Tell us what you think Complete our short user story questions and your lab could be featured in the next Peak Scientific mailer.

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