eRevija: Peak Talks (AVG 2018)

Your Peak Scientific monthly blog update
A selection of our latest blog posts bringing you a round up of interesting stories in analytical science today, from the latest research on protein interaction to Peak’s most recent product launches.
Nitrogen safety in the lab
Nitrogen safety in the lab
Find out why nitrogen gas generators are the safest option to supply instruments in your lab.
3 minute read »
Halo gas generator for MP-AES
A new solution for MP-AES
Discover Peak’s brand new N2 & air generator, HALO, specifically designed for MP-AES.
2 minute read »
PSA nitrogen generator
What is PSA nitrogen?
Learn what role Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) has in making an N2 generator work.
5 minute read »
Proteomics nitrogen generator
Combinational protein library
Find out what researchers discovered about the ways proteins interact with each other.
4 minute read »
Peak Scientific gas generator
Rely on Peak for your lab gas
Watch our new video about Peak’s business and our dedication to your lab gas supply.
3 minute watch »
Single quad nitrogen generator
Peak’s new Genius SQ 24
Peak introduces Genius SQ 24 – specifically designed for single quad mass spectrometers.
2 minute read »

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