eRevija: Peak Talks (AVG 2019)

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Why is helium becoming scarce? Although helium is the second most abundant element in the universe after hydrogen, it is a finite resource. The type of helium used for gas chromatography is obtained from natural gas which disappears into the atmosphere once used, leading to a global shortage of helium. However, labs can easily avoid the costs and workflow disruption of the growing helium shortage and opt for a Peak Hydrogen generator which will deliver hassle-free high purity hydrogen gas for GC just at the push of a button. 3 minute read » Hypertension in cats A recent research study on high blood pressure (hypertension) in cats has made new discoveries on treatment for the condition with the help of LCMS 2 minute read » Moon mining for helium Moon mining for helium? The significance of the helium shortage has urged scientists to look at alternative sources of He supply, including the Moon. 2 minute read » No more fake truffles No more fake truffles! Scientists are now able to combat the issue of fraudulent foods by using multidimensional gas chromatography analysis. 2 minute read » Peak China visit Scottish Minister of Trade, Investment and Innovation, Ivan McKee, visited Peak China, discussing the growth of the business in the region.

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