eRevija: Peak Talks (DEC 2019)

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Labs are often unaware of the hidden monthly gas cylinder costs which can quickly add up. Repeated cylinder deliveries, staff safety training, varying cylinder gas prices – all increase the lab’s total spend. A gas generator from Peak can help you eliminate all of these additional costs so you can focus on what is most important – your analysis. Get your generator quote today! 3 minute read » ICP-MS analysis Discover why H2 collision–reaction cell gas allows greater accuracy for ICP-MS analysis when used to clinically monitor metal ions in complex matrices. 6 minute read » i-FlowLab Australia Racing Analytical Services Ltd in Australia talk to us about the benefits Peak’s i-FlowLab nitrogen generator has brought to their laboratory. 2 minute read » Sugar in meteorites For the first time ever, scientists at Tohoku University in Japan have discovered the presence of sugar molecules in meteorites – thanks to Gas Chromatography. 2 minute read » GC FID Find out how the most common detector for GC, Flame Ionization Detector, works and which Peak generators are suitable to use if you have an FID in your lab.

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