eRevija: Peak Talks (FEB 2018)

A selection of our latest blog posts bringing you a round up of interesting stories in analytical science today, from what sets Peak apart from the competition to the ‘old bottle effect’.
Lab nitrogen generator
What sets Peak apart?
Find out how a Peak gas generator can improve your lab workflow.
3 minute read »
GC gas generators for essential oil analysis
Mentholatum – User Story
Precision generators for GC have aided in the analysis of essential oils.
4 minute read »
Laboratory Arablab 2018
Join Peak at Arablab 2018
Find out more about Peak’s gas generator solutions at booth 154-S1.
2 minute read »
World Whisky Day
What happens to whisky in the bottle?
Old Bottle Effect is a well known but little understood issue for whisky collectors.
3 minute read »
China lab gas generator
Peak recognized at Britain-China Business Awards
The annual China-Britain Business Council Awards were held in Glasgow, UK.
2 minute read »
Charged Aerosol Detector nitrogen generator
What does Corona mean to you?
A crown, a solar corona or something else, read about the Corona N2 generator.
1 minute read »

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