eRevija: Peak Talks (JAN 2020)

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Providing nitrogen gas for your lab analysis shouldn’t be hard work. With a nitrogen generator from Peak you can forget about regular cylinder deliveries, changeover and rental costs as well as fluctuating nitrogen gas prices. A Genius XE nitrogen generator can save your lab up to 51% over 3 years compared to gas cylinders. Find out more. 3 minute read » Preventative maintenance A [Peak Protected] gas generator maintenance plan from Peak Scientific will give you peace of mind and safeguard your lab’s gas supply. 2 minute read » 3B Pharma user story Discover how 3B Pharma have benefited from utilizing a Genius XE nitrogen generator in their lab for the development of radiopharmaceuticals. 4 minute read » Hydrogen gas safety Peak’s Precision hydrogen generators are equipped with fail-safe technology. Find out more about the importance of hydrogen gas safety in this blog. 2 minute read » Malaria Researchers from University of Camerino, Italy have recently used LCMS to identify killer toxins and aid the discovery of new opportunities to control Malaria. Your Peak Scientific monthly blog update A selection of our latest blog posts bringing you a roundup of interesting stories in science today.

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