eRevija: Peak Talks (JUL 2018)

Your Peak Scientific monthly blog update
A selection of our latest blog posts bringing you a round up of interesting stories in analytical science today, from Peak’s easy He to H2 conversion step by step guide to testing old viscera samples with GC-MS.
GC method list
Peak’s GC method list
Find out which GC methods can adopt nitrogen or hydrogen instead of helium as their carrier gas.
5 minute read »
Navitas India’s user story
Read Navita’s story about using Peak for over 12 years for the quantification of proteins and peptides.
3 minute read »
Convert from He to H2
Learn how to convert your GC carrier gas from helium to hydrogen with Peak’s step by step guide.
6 minute read »
GC-MS used in forensics
Forensics experts in Mumbai have solved a case by analyzing old viscera samples using GC-MS.
2 minute read »
Genius XE
Discover Peak’s Genius XE
Discover the exceptional features of Peak’s most advanced N2 generator Genius XE.
3 minute read »
When only exceptional will do
Ancient peach pits discovered
Peach pits tested with LC-MS were discovered to date back to Queen Himiko’s reign.

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