eRevija: Peak Talks (JUL 2019)

GC carrier gas: How to switch from helium to hydrogen
Don’t allow increasing helium prices and supply interruptions impact your analysis. Switch your GC carrier gas from helium to hydrogen with Peak’s step by step guide and look forward to generating gas on demand with a safer, more convenient and more reliable source of gas for GC.
3 minute read »
MS bench
Peak has launched the all-new MS Bench system this June to provide a modular workstation which comes with or without an integrated gas generator.
2 minute read »
Peak Singapore office expansion
Peak Singapore have relocated to a new, much bigger facility, which will enhance the services Peak offers to the ever-growing market demand across Asia.
2 minute read »
Edith Cowan University user story
Read our latest user story from Edith Cowan University, Australia and learn how Peak has supplied the entire university laboratory with high purity nitrogen gas.
5 minute read »
GC method list
Discover what GC methods can be performed using hydrogen or nitrogen carrier gas and find the most suitable Peak gas generator to support these methods.

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