eRevija: Peak Talks (JUL 2020)

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Continuing to deliver peace of mind: Your Local Gas Generation Webinar Join our Product Management team on our recent webinar on how to increase lab workflow with a gas generator for labs across Europe, Middle East and North Africa. We share with you our top tips on productivity, safety and many other key benefits of having a gas generator in the lab. Even in the “new normal”, Peak gas generators continue to deliver peace of mind as the lab gas partner of choice for thousands of labs across the globe. Go to webinar » Hand sanitizers and GC To guarantee the effectiveness of their products against viruses such as covid-19, suppliers of alcohol-based hand sanitizers use GC as their testing method. 2 minute read » Adelaide Proteomics Cenre Discover what the key benefits of deploying a Genius XE generator have been for Adelaide Proteomics Centre and their research across human diseases. 4 minute read » Generators vs Cylinders Adopting the use of gas generators rather than cylinders has numerous benefits and advantages for labs, including safety and convenience. 4 minute read » FSE With over 100 dedicated field service engineers around the world, Peak can always provide you with an industry-leading rapid response service.

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