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Join Peak at ASMS 2019
Join Peak at ASMS 2019
Peak will be part of the 67th annual ASMS show at Atlanta, Georgia this June. Come join us at Booth #699 or Cottonwood Hospitality Suite between June 2nd and 6th to find out about Peak’s latest lab gas supply innovations. Speak with our team to discover the best gas solution for your lab.
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Rising helium prices
Recent increase in helium prices due to shortages has negatively impacted numerous laboratories around the globe forcing them to delay important experiments.
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hydrogen generator
By utilizing a hydrogen generator in your lab you will benefit from increased safety, high purity and innovative technology, all in a compact, space saving form.
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High calorie diet shortens life span
Scientists have identified a link between a high calorie diet and an accelerated aging process. Mass Spectrometry has been key in demonstrating this relationship.
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Join Peak at HPLC Milan
Join Peak at HPLC Milan this June and find out how you can reduce your costs and improve your laboratory’s workflow with a gas generator from Peak.

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