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Welcome Simon _eh to the April/May edition of the GC gas newsletter, brought to you by Peak Scientific, featuring a round up of all things Peak and GC.
In this edition we bring you a user story from food packaging specialists, Wipak, an article about method implications on lab gas supply for residual solvent analysis and a product focus on our Precision Hydrogen gas generator. First, we have our special feature which takes a closer look at the latest price increases for helium cylinders.
Rising helium prices
Many labs struggle to cope with the constantly rising helium prices
Rising helium prices due to supply shortages are having a significant impact on labs all over the globe, causing postponing of experiments or decommissioning vital equipment. Using hydrogen as an alternative to helium for GC can put an end to worrying about your lab’s helium supply. A hydrogen generator provides on demand ultra high purity hydrogen gas only at the push of a button.
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Wipak UK user story
Find out the key benefits food packaging manufacturer Wipak UK received from using a Peak Precision Hydrogen 100cc generator for their residual solvent analysis. Read the full user story here…
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Residual solvent analysis
Learn more about how residual solvent analysis is used in the Pharmaceutical manufacturing industry and what are the common classifications for residual solvents in relation to their toxicity.
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Precision H2 product feature
Offering various flow rates, the Precision H2 generator from Peak is the ideal solution for detectors requiring hydrogen fuel gas. These generators use the method of electrolysis to generate hydrogen as GC fuel gas.
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Share your experience
Share your experience of your Precision gas generator and the research, application and method you use for your GC analysis and your lab could be the next featured user story on Peak’s website.

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