eRevija: Peak Talks (MAJ 2020)

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Keio University Chooses Precision Hydrogen Following Helium Shortage With the recent helium shortage and the subsequent helium price increase, it was the obvious choice for Keio University to switch to a Peak hydrogen generator for their GC analysis. Hydrogen generators are much safer than highly pressurized cylinders and provide labs with peace of mind that only a small volume of gas is stored at any given time. Peak hydrogen generators also offer the convenience of on-site gas generation at the push of a button, while providing labs with a reliable space-saving solution. 4 minute read » Precision SL With Precision SL, the smallest hydrogen generator for GC-FID, you don’t need to worry about space limitations which are often an issue with H2 bulk supply. 2 minute read » Convert from helium to hydrogen Streamline your analysis with a Peak hydrogen generator. Learn how to convert your GC carrier gas from helium to hydrogen with our step by step guide. 4 minute read » Hidden costs of cylinders A gas generator from Peak helps you eliminate cylinder costs such as rental, deliveries, installation, staff training and unused gases – many of which often hidden. 2 minute read » Covid-19 statement In the light of the current Covid-19 crisis, Peak Scientific remains confident in our ability to deliver exceptional service to all of our customers around the globe.

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