eRevija: Peak Talks (SEP 2018)

Your Peak Scientific monthly blog update
A selection of our latest blog posts bringing you a round up of interesting stories in analytical science today, from tips for gas safety in the lab to a user story from Sheffield University in England.
Gas safety in the lab
Gas safety in the lab
Read our top tips for staying safe in the lab when using gas, be it from a cylinder, dewar or generator.
5 minute read »
Exceptional range
Peak’s XE generators
Discover all of Peak’s XE products and find out how they are giving labs exceptional, everyday.
3 minute read »
Cannabis testing instruments
Find out the most common forms of cannabis testing and the instruments used to support them.
5 minute read »
Refinery gas analysis
Refinery gas analysis tips
Find out tips about refinery gas analysis (RGA) – an important application in the oil and gas industry.
2 minute read »
User story
Sheffield Uni user story
Sheffield university members tell us about their field research with Peak’s Genius nitrogen generator.
3 minute read »
Gas bulletin
September lab gas price bulletin
Learn about the latest price rise in the global helium supply chain and why you should switch to hydrogen.
3 minute read »

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