Femto Pulse

The Femto Pulse System is a remarkably flexible instrument. Quantify, qualify, and size DNA and RNA samples with unstoppable accuracy and precision. Perfect for low concentration and/or large size nucleic acid samples, the Femto Pulse easily analyzes diverse sample types including: cfDNA, total RNA, genomic DNA, large fragment DNA, messenger RNA (mRNA), and more.
Using a pulsed-field power supply, the Femto Pulse is the first ever parallel capillary electrophoresis instrument able to resolve DNA smears and DNA fragments through 200,000 bp. A meticulously designed optical detection platform enables unprecedented sensitivity, detecting nucleic acids into the lower femtogram range.
Femtogram Level SensitivityLarge Fragment ResolutionSimple Sample Preparation
Powerful Analysis Software
The Benefits of the Femto Pulse.
Conserve Precious Sample
How Flexible is the Femto Pulse?
A powerhouse instrument, the Femto Pulse provides laboratories with true versatility in sample analysis. DNA and RNA samples are effortlessly separated on the same capillary array. Furthermore, two different gel matrices can be loaded, enabling the unattended, sequential separation of RNA and DNA samples (e.g. mRNA followed by genomic DNA), without cumbersome array swaps or cleaning.
Flexible enough to handle any workflow senarios
Unlock the analytic potential of nucleic acid workflows with the award-winning Femto Pulse.Pulsed-field capillary electrophoresis and an optimized optical platform enable the sizing of DNA fragments through 200 Kb and DNA smears through 165 Kb.Up to three, 96-well sample trays can be loaded at a time for the unattended analysis of up to 288 samples.Two gel bottle locations allow users to set distinct and diverse separation methods for automated operation.BROCHURECONTACT US
ProSize Data Analysis Software
The Femto Pulse is a remarkable instrument, requiring appropriately powerful analysis software. ProSize Data Analysis Software effortlessly quantifies, qualifies, and sizes DNA and RNA samples run on the Femto Pulse. Further analysis is quickly done through an intuitive interface, providing users with crucial results sooner.
The Femto Pulse is a versatile instrument with various applications across many research disciplines. Capable of separating large DNA fragments and smears, BAC clones, and total RNA with unmatched speed, the list of potential applications of the Femto Pulse goes on and on. Imagination is the only limiting factor for the Femto Pulse.
Superior Sizing
Figure 1
165 Kb Ladder separated on the Femto Pulse System using the Ultra-Short Capillary Array (22-40).
Superior Sensitivity
Figure 2
Dilution series of a 300 bp fragment showing the 5 fg/µL sensitivity of the Femto Pulse System using the Ultra-Short Capillary Array (22-40). Concentrations listed are after dilution into the sample well.
“The Femto Pulse is a groundbreaker, with no equivalent on the market. It is future-proofed for the new waves of long-read technology and will be seen as a vital piece of kit in the coming years.”
Harbans Marway, Earlham Institute, UK

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