Improving Confidence in Compound Identification Using Agilent Curated Databases and Libraries

The level of confidence in target and unknown compound identification is
determined by the authenticity and integrity of the data contained within the
databases and spectral libraries used for compound identification. Much of the
database and library information that is publicly available on the internet, and from
many vendors, is often crowd-sourced with little or no review. Poor quality libraries
can negatively impact the quality of a laboratory’s results.
A museum curator or art collector undertakes extensive research to evaluate
the authenticity and integrity of each and every exhibit in their collection of art
or artifacts. In a similar manner, Agilent uses an extremely detailed curation
process to ensure the quality of each data entry and accurate mass spectrum in its
compound databases and libraries.
This White Paper explains how Agilent accurate mass libraries and databases are
developed, the nature of the curation process, and why this curation process will
improve the quality of the results produced by a laboratory.

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