Low Energy, High Confidence: Eliminating Unknowns with GC/Q-TOF

Techniques for identifying target and suspect compounds in various sample types analyzed by GC–MS are well established and continuously improving. However, the task of confident unknowns identification presents many challenges due to the complex nature of the workflow and required operational expertise. A novel development in GC/MS electron ionization (EI) ion source technology allows for sensitive low energy EI spectra to be generated in support of these identification workflows. When combined with high resolution accurate mass MS/MS data from a GC quadrupole-time-of-flight mass spectrometer (GC/Q-TOF), a workflow for simplified unknowns identification without relying on encumbered conventional techniques is made broadly accessible with the familiarity and universality of EI GC/MS.
This webcast will cover how a GC/Q-TOF system equipped with a novel low energy EI source can perform simultaneous quantitative and qualitative screening for targets or suspects with subsequent identification and elucidation of unknown compounds using low energy EI and MS/MS experiments. Application areas including food safety, environmental screening, metabolomics research, energy and chemical speciation, extractables and leachables profiling, and more can be shown to benefit from this novel approach to GC/MS identification of unknown compounds.

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