Miniaturized Analytical Equipment Solves Key Challenges for Laboratories

As laboratories are increasingly called upon to do more with less resources,
managers (and instrument suppliers) are getting creative about how to solve
the problem in the most efficient way possible. This LCGC ebook highlights
one interesting strategy: to do more with less instrument square footage.
Miniaturized Analytical Equipment Solves Key Challenges for Laboratories (sponsored
by Agilent Technologies) is a collection of articles highlighting the important role that
miniaturized instruments play in addressing challenges faced by laboratories such as
the need for:
• more instruments in the same bench space
• fast, robust analyses
• less instrument downtime
• increased efficiency
• more intuitive software for analysts of various skill and experience levels
First, Badr Astiphan, marketing manager of quadrupole mass spectrometry at
Agilent Technologies, talks with LCGC about the technical challenges of reducing an
instrument’s footprint and how his team of engineers tackles that problem. He then
offers a white paper about the top challenges faced by analytical laboratories today
and how new technologies may offer solutions.
Last, Patrick M. Jeanville, Agilent’s triple quad LC/MS product manager, and Terri
Sosienski, LC/MS marketing applications scientist at Agilent, talk about how a
breakthrough in product and software design led to Agilent’s Ultivo Triple Quad LC/
MS, a fit-for-purpose” triplequad LC/MS designed to maximize laboratory efficiency,
productivity, and results.
These papers show how sometimes, great solutions come in small packages.

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