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We have been a strong and reliable player in molecular diagnostics for many years. All our products and solutions incorporate the latest medical findings on human genetics, oncology and prenatal testing and are developed and manufactured in compliance with the most stringent international quality standards.
We provide your laboratory with a broad range of molecular NGS solutions, which guide your laboratory towards the more reliable results. Our ready-to-use kits analyze the genes that matter in a simple, efficient and reliable manner. Our Reporter software ensures correct analysis and enables quality control, from sample to final result. Our Facility lab and Expert customer support team help you to set up our tests and secure your results in every step of the way. Click here for our product range.
MASTR Technology
Recent advances in various areas of clinical medicine, diagnostics and genetic testing have created a significant opportunity for the development of high value genetic tests to enable the practice of personalized medicine. The availability of affordable Next-Generation Sequencing systems provides the foundation on which PCR based technologies can be applied to address a wide range of unmet needs.
Click here for more information on our NGS Technology.
Quality standards for Next-Generation Sequencing solutions
Our MASTR technology has been developed and proven to obtain a high level of reliability. We aim to register our major products under the CE-IVD directives and maintain an ISO13485 quality standard. Click here for more information on our quality standards
Application note: CNV calling with MASTR Reporter
To guide you to optimal results for CNV analysis, we have written an application note. This note contains information on how to optimize your experiment and how the MASTR Reporter CNV calling algorithm works. Please note that because our MASTR Reporter now includes an optimized CNV calling algorithm, we will discontinue the CNV calculator for the BRCA MASTR, the BRCA HC MASTR Plus and the BRCA MASTR Plus assay from the 17th of August. Read More
Multiplicom launches complete CE-IVD solution for all BRCA testing needs
The updated BRCA MASTR Plus Dx in combination with the new MASTR Reporter is a CE-IVD-labeled molecular diagnostic solution that identifies variants in the coding regions of BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes. Read More
Product launch of drMID for Illumina NGS systems (RUO) & discontinuation MID for Illumina NGS Systems
We are pleased to announce the release of the drMID for Illumina NGS systems kit (ML-0208.240 and ML-0209.240). This kit is an extension of the current MID for Illumina MiSeq™ (ML-0204.240 and ML-0205.240) kit. Read More

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