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Agilent PCR Encimi in Instrumenti
Breaking Ground
Stratagene was the first to purify and commercialize high-fidelity Pfu DNA polymerase from the deep-sea archaea, Pyrococcus furiosus. Because it is derived from a hyperthermophile that grows optimally at 100°C, Pfu DNA polymerase is the most thermostable PCR enzyme available. Since its introduction, we have improved upon Pfu’s accuracy and developed novel, high-performance PCR enzymes and master mixes for a variety of applications. We are committed to continually developing improved enzymes, reagents and methods for PCR. You can rely on us for a wide selection of innovative products for faster, more accurate, and robust PCR amplification.
The ArchaeMaxx® Factor Advantage
A key component of many of our PCR enzymes is the patented ArchaeMaxx® Polymerase-Enhancing Factor. Our scientists discovered the ArchaeMaxx factor and have included it in our PfuUltra™ II, PfuTurbo®, Herculase® II, and EXL® high-fidelity, Pfu-based DNA polymerases. The ArchaeMaxx factor improves the PCR performance of Pfu-based DNA polymerases by
overcoming dUTP poisoning, which is caused by dUTP accumulation during PCR due to dCTP deamination. Once incorporated, dU-containing DNA inhibits Pfu and other archaeal proofreading polymerases, limiting their efficiency. The ArchaeMaxx factor eliminates inhibition by eliminating the dUTP, facilitating improved overall PCR performance, promoting shorter extension times,
higher yield, and greater target length amplification capability.

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