Polymer-to-Solvent Reference Table for GPC/SEC

A comprehensive reference on solvents for gel permeation chromatography, with
a full list of tested solvent, polymer, and column combinations, and notes on best
Gel permeation chromatography
(GPC), which is also referred to as size
exclusion chromatography (SEC) or gel
fi ltration chromatography (GFC), provides
size-based separation by allowing
analytes with small size in solution
to diffuse into the pores of the media,
while analytes that are too large to fi t
into these pores are swept through the
column by the solvent.
Pore size and distribution can
be manipulated to change the
retention-to-size relationship and
the range of separable sizes. This
retention-to-size relationship is
established with calibration standards,
but becomes inaccurate over time, and
must be regularly re-established.

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