Separation of Free Amino Acids and Primary Amines Using Daicel Crown Ether Columns

Daicel Corporation recently introduced a new generation of
CROWNPAK® chiral selectors that can be used for the separation
of free amino acids and primary amines: CROWNPAK
CR-I(+) and CR-I(-). These crown ether selectors are immobilized
on 5-µm silica support. Immobilization allows use of
organic solvents in a wider range for both reversed-phase
and normal-phase chromatography modes, thus, enhancing
enantioselective resolution of chiral compounds in a shorter
analysis time.
The CROWNPAK CR-I(+) and CR-I(-) chiral selectors are
complementary to our CHIRALPAK® ZWIX chiral selectors.
The complementarity provides a total solution for
enantiorecognition of a wide variety of amino acids. For
example, CR-I selectors aord challenging separations of
asparagine, glutamine and serine.
One important feature of both CHIRALPAK ZWIX and
CROWNPAK CR-I chiral selectors is the ability to control the
elution order. Typically, use of ZWIX(+) and CR-I(+) columns
would lead to the reversal of the elution order for free amino
acids eluted from ZWIX(-) and CR-I(-) columns.

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