StarLab Rotor-Gene® Style Discs

STARfocus Tubes for Rotor-Gene
The Rotor-Gene® Style Discs are specially made to be used
with the Qiagen Rotor-Gene® Q Real-Time Rotary Analyzer.
Two models are available:
– a 72-well disc with 100 μl tubes (recommended reaction
volume 20-25 μl) for use with the original Rotor-Disc®
72 Rotor and Rotor-Disc 72 Locking Ring
– a 100-well disc with 30 μl tubes (recommended reaction
volume 15-20 μl) for use with the original Rotor-Disc®
100 Rotor and Rotor-Disc 100 Locking Ring
The discs are a one-piece “plate” equivalent, having vertically
oriented wells compatible with automated reaction setup
using a robotic liquid handling system.

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