SureSelect Human All Exon V7

Agilent’s latest exome, the SureSelect Human All Exon v7, is a comprehensive exome that focuses on interpretable part of the genome, and also provides a cost-effective hybrid-capture solution. Powered by the unrivaled SureSelect technology, this exome differs from all the other exomes available on the market by its unequaled performance and robustness.
Key Features and benefits
Lower sample sequencing cost
The new and innovative bait design provides superb coverage with minimal sequencing
Access comprehensive content including hard-to-capture exons
This exome was designed with using the most up-to-date versions of RefSeq, GENCODE, CCDS & UCSC Known Genes
Optimized workflow for sample to data
Library prep solution for a seamless optimized workflow for every need, including low input and FFPE samples.

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