TapeStation DV200 Evaluation with RNA ScreenTape Assays

The success of library preparation for RNA sequencing workflows depends highly
on the quality of RNA starting material. The RNA integrity number equivalent (RINe)
obtained with Agilent RNA ScreenTape assays is a reliable and reproducible metric
to evaluate sample integrity for standard RNA sequencing. Library preparation of
RNA samples originating from formalin‑fixed paraffin‑embedded (FFPE) tissue is
challenging, due to RNA degradation and restricted sample volume, thus tailored
protocols are recommended for FFPE RNA library preparation. The fragment size
distribution of FFPE RNA samples has a major influence on the library yield, and
can be represented as the percentage of RNA fragments above 200 nucleotides by
the DV200 quality metric
The Agilent RNA ScreenTape and Agilent High Sensitivity
RNA ScreenTape assays are convenient for highly reproducible DV200 evaluation
of degraded RNA samples extracted from FFPE tissue. The Agilent TapeStation
Analysis software enables simple assessment and processing of DV200 data by
region analysis, which can be automated for repeated DV200 analysis.

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