ZAG DNA Analyzer

The ZAG DNA Analyzer System is a high throughput capillary electrophoresis instrument designed for the qualitative analysis of DNA fragments. Ideal for facilities that must screen thousands of DNA fragments per day, the ZAG relieves analytic bottlenecks with an easy to use protocol and intuitive analysis software.
A specialized software package, ProSize Data Analysis Software, enables the quick analysis of DNA fragments post-capillary electrophoresis. Capable of the simultaneous analysis of thousands of separations, ProSize directly enables the quick and efficient assessment of peaks of interest.
High Separation ResolutionHigh ThroughputBroad Sizing Range
How does the ZAG DNA Analyzer reduce analytic bottlenecks?
DNA fragment analysis is a crucial procedure in many molecular biology laboratories. In high-throughput molecular biology settings, analysis of DNA fragments often poses a bottleneck as conventional analytic methods, such as agarose gel electrophoresis, do not scale up well. The ZAG DNA Analyzer alleviates these DNA fragment analysis bottlenecks allowing labs to quickly and accurately perform fragment analysis on DNA samples up to 20,000 bp in size.

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