eRevija: Peak Talks (OKT 2019)

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At Peak we offer customers local support with Peak field service engineers located in over 20 countries to ensure the smooth running and long life of our generators. Opt for peace of mind with Peak’s unrivaled after sales care and support, [Peak Protected], and let us take care of your generator while you focus on what is most important in the lab – the analysis. 3 minute read » ResourceSpace Discover Peak’s information portal, ResourceSpace, and read our quick guide on how to find out more about Peak products and services. 2 minute read » Precision SL Peak’s brand new Precision SL is the smallest hydrogen generator for GC-FID on the market – it eliminates the continuous issues of size and gas storage in the lab. 2 minute read » Students 2 Science Find out more about Peak’s support of the Students 2 Science program and their experience of Peak’s nitrogen generators and service plans. 4 minute read » Lab Innovations Come to Peak’s booth (C11) at Lab Innovations this October in Birmingham, UK and speak to our team of professionals about Peak’s latest lab gas solutions.

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