The Micro Materials Product Range
For over 25 years, Micro Materials has been a leading international innovator in the highly specialised world of nano-mechanical testing – constantly developing and refining equipment that has consistently set new benchmarks for performance and adaptability. We offer the widest range of unique capability, which is essential for developing new solutions as well as pushing the boundaries of nano-mechanical testing.
The current product range continues that tradition of innovation and functionality. From the CORE range of dedicated test instruments right up to the NanoTest Xtreme vacuum system, we have an instrument to suit a wide range of applications and budgets.
Common features across all systems
All systems include as standard:
Fully automated scheduling software – multiple samples can be tested
Easy probe change – no recalibration required
Open platform design allowing samples of all shapes and sizes to be tested
Easy experiment positioning with optical microscopy
High performance vibration isolation platform
Thermally controlled instrument enclosure
High-spec Dell PC + system control electronics
Sample holders and calibration reference samples (fused silica and tungsten)
Warranty, installation and training
One of our key objectives is to provide multi-functional nano-mechanical testing instrumentation that is intuitive and simple to use. All our systems are designed with ease of use and flexibility in mind:
The NanoTest Vantage and Vantage Alpha
The NanoTest Vantage is our flagship system, a multi-functional, multi-scale and multi-environment nano-mechanical testing instrument. We also supply a limited capability version of the NanoTest Vantage, the Vantage Alpha. This system retains the high resolution, wide load range and ultra-low thermal drift of the NanoTest Vantage whilst being more competitively priced. In addition there is an easy upgrade path to the full capability of the NanoTest Vantage.
The NanoTest Xtreme
Researchers are increasingly demanding that test conditions closely mimic real-world environments in order to provide the most reliable, accurate prediction of properties. With the NanoTest Vantage, Micro Materials already offers the most comprehensive range of nano-mechanical test options. These are now further extended with the Xtreme, which provides a vacuum environment testing from -100 to 950 °C without oxidation or frosting of samples.
The CORE Range
The CORE range of compact dedicated test instruments have been engineered to be ideally suited to high-end academic and corporate R&D laboratories whilst maintaining affordability for more repetitive industrial QC Applications.
All instruments in the range feature an intuitive software interface and retain the industry-leading stability that Micro Materials instruments have been known for over the last 25 years.
Please see the capability matrix below to see all the possible configurations across our product range:
Core graph

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