Agilent University (Tečaji & Treningi)

Increase Tenure and Maximize Productivity
Investments in education improve laboratory staff productivity by enhancing skills necessary for routine procedures. Education leads to utilizing the full potential of instruments, as staff members gain knowledge and insights into the latest techniques. Well-educated staff members – taught by subject matter experts and certified trainers – are more dedicated to your organization and feel more confident in their accomplishments.
Convenient Training
Our team of industry experts delivers a quality learning experience with a high degree of flexibility to fit the needs of your lab – in our classrooms, at your site or online:
Classroom Training – Introductory level to in-depth, hands-on training for lab hardware or software.
Customized On-Site Training – Effective learning environment designed to achieve operational excellence and employee development without the need to travel.
Online – From foundation to expert offerings when and where you need it at your own pace
Agilent Training Credits
Assign education dollars now for future training. Prepay for credits, then use them for courses over the next 24 months – without having to choose specific dates, locations or topics.
Simplifies budgeting
Flexible planning
Easy to track and redeem
Automatic course reminders
Building on Experience
Whether you are a lab technician, chemist, or lab manager, we offer the appropriate level of education regardless of expertise. With our continuum of learning options and courses, you can become a lifetime learner, improving your knowledge and skills throughout your career.
“Operational Readiness”
Foundation & Theory
Hardware, Software Overview
Operation Essentials
“Becoming Productive”
Operation Workflow
“Accelerating Productivity”
Technique Optimization
Workflow Optimization
Application Workflows
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