eRevija: Peak Talks (OKT 2020)

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On-site Gas Generators & Lab Safety During Covid-19 Covid-19 has had a major impact on how laboratories operate -personnel well-being as well as safe access to a reliable gas supply are now even greater priorities for analytical facilities and institutions. With a Peak in-house gas generator you can mitigate these concerns by making your lab more independent, free of outside contact, for a safer and more efficient work environment. 2 min read » Green Lab If you are looking to invest in a sustainable and environmentally friendly lab gas supply without compromising on workflow, Peak generators are the best choice. 2 minute read » Tsinghua Pharmaceutical Innovation Center Tsinghua Pharmaceutical Innovation Center in China share with us what benefits Peak’s nitrogen gas generators have brought to their lab. 3 minute read » E-cigarettes A study shows that reliable analysis of the key components of e-liquid and precise analysis of nicotine content can be easily achieved using H2 carrier gas. 4 minute read » Corona 1010 A team of researchers from the University of Bordeaux recently discovered new compounds which contribute to an aged Cognac’s intricate aroma.

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