eRevija: Peak Talks (JUN 2020)

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Peak Scientific gets stellar ratings from SelectScience reviewers We know that independent reviews are important when it comes to deciding which generator is right for your lab. SelectScience allows you to browse through Peak’s products and see how fellow scientists have reviewed their performance. We are happy to state that reviews have been overwhelmingly positive and we are proud to share that Peak has recently been awarded its second Seal of Quality. 3 minute read » TOC 1000 Discover Peak’s latest innovation for TOC analyzers, the TOC 1000. With an improved design and robust technology, it provides a compact solution for labs. 2 minute read » Precision SL hydrogen Watch Peak’s Product Manager Ed Connor give an overview of the Precision SL H2 generator for GC-FID and explore its key features and benefits. 3 minute watch » The Effect of Draw out Lens Diameter on Sensitivity of GC-MS Analysis Analysis of an essential oil mixture clearly demonstrates that hydrogen carrier gas can be used for routine analysis of known compounds instead of helium. 4 minute read » Genius XE Peak’s premium gas solution for LC-MS, Genius XE, is a cutting-edge evolution combining advanced technology with refined and robust engineering.

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