NOVO! StarLab STARfocus Serological Pipettes

Discover the possibilities! STARLAB’s new extended range of Serological Pipettes cover seven different volumes and, for the first time, includes a
100 ml pipette. The pipettes are constructed from polystryene for sterile serological and tissue culture applications. Colour-coding on both the pipettes and the packaging provides easy identification. The black printed, easy to read ascending and descending graduations simplify fluid measuring and dispensing, and all pipettes (excl. 100 ml) feature negative graduations for extra wor king volume. Perfect for use with all popular pipette controllers, including ErgoOne® FAST.
Product features „ Accuracy ±98 % „ Colour-coded for easy identification „ Bidirectional graduations provide added applicability „ Negative graduation s (excl. 100 ml) allows additional working volume „ Supplied with a polyolefin filter plug „ Individually wrapped in traceable paper-plastic peel-back packs showing lot number and expiry date „ Specially designed carton with perforated tear-strip doubles as efficient, bench top dispenser „ Gamma sterilized to SAL 10-6 (ISO11137) „ Certified RNase, DNase and pyrogen free „ Non-cytotoxic and non-haemolytic latex-free USP Class VI polystyrene „ ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 manufactured

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