eRevija: Peak Talks (SEP 2019)

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JASIS 2019, the biggest analytical science show in Asia, will be a major highlight for Peak Scientific, as it will mark the launch of an all-new hydrogen generator product. The new hydrogen gas generator will be unveiled on the first day of the show on the 4th of September, and will be on display at Peak Scientific’s booth until the last day of the show, Friday 6th September. 3 minute read » The future of GC With the continued global disruption to helium gas supply, labs using GC need not worry as hydrogen offers a reliable, and in some cases, better alternative. 2 minute read » Nitrogen gas costs With a nitrogen generator from Peak you can save 51% of the lab’s gas supply costs over three years, compared to having an N2 cylinder delivery contract. 2 minute read » Helium shortage Helium prices continue to spike following yet another helium shortage. Read our Lab Gas Bulletin for an update on the current helium crisis. 2 minute read » LifeSan India user story Discover how LifeSan, a division of Centaur Pharma India, have benefited from using Peak N2 gas generators in their lab and what analysis they are used for.

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