A new method to assess neutrophil activation and oxidative burst

Current methods to assess oxidative burst are indirect, prone to artifacts, and not in real-time. Accelerate your research using Agilent Seahorse XF Technology to measure Neutrophil Activation.
Simultaneous glycolytic (PER) and oxygen consumption (OCR) rate detection can dissect the interdependency of the two pathways that are required for neutrophil activation. See things happen in real-time to avoid missing the earliest events of activation.
Download the Neutrophil Activation Application Note to learn how to:
Perform and Measure Neutrophil activation with PMA stimulation
Modulate Neutrophil activation with the use of programmable drug injection ports
Dive Deeper into the metabolism driving Neutrophil activation responses with standardized assays that provide metabolic phenotype, bioenergetic pathway assessment and fuel/substrate preference.

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